Hanging-Baskets give the finishing 'green-touch' to an excellent tavern makeover...

Hanging-Baskets give the finishing 'green-touch' to an excellent tavern makeover...

Client was doing extensive renovations on a large Tavern & wanted a 'fresh green-feel'. Having the experience of several venues, they preferring the look, convenience & on-going economy of artificial plants over live, & called us in at the design phase.

-we were able to work-in with the Architect, Designer & Builder to help achieve their finished aspirations

-the main player was to be a series of hanging-baskets that flowed from area to area in continuity

-we used variations in foliages & basket sizes, combined with chains of different lengths, to add variety & interest to overall design

-baskets were grouped in relaxed pairs in dining spaces, & hung in lines along thoroughfares to suggest movement.

-the green theme continued into adjoining rooms & across bars

-further greenery was added in low troughs of Palms, to help break-up large spaces, & groups of assorted planters with modern, large-leaf plants around main entry areas

The end result was a beautifully planned & coordinated refurbishment, with new Decor & greenery combining to make a relaxing & comfortable space, full of happy Patrons...

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