Surf Club's new green-room!

Surf Club's new green-room!



Famous Surf Life Saving Club with beautiful beach-front location, has a huge dining area with a lovely tall timber ceiling. But the space was a big empty void, not a cosy dining experience for patrons. They asked us in for ideas...

-we suggested large hanging baskets of mixed greenery, arranged in a staggered layout [row of 3/row of 2/row of 3 etc]

-this design brings the room height down visually, breaking-up the space without looking too ordered & creating a more human scale

-we used a lush, natural mix of ferns with a bit of variegated pothos for variety, with matching black chains & black-wire baskets

-these proved so popular, that more hanging-baskets were ordered. Using smaller baskets with same plants,the design could be continued to other rooms with lower ceilings.

-the end result is dining & servery areas with a friendly green atmosphere, no floor-space lost, no on-going maintenance costs & lots of happy patrons...

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Address: 4 / 117 Ashmore Rd, Benowa QLD , Australia 4217


Google Maps: See our location online.

Toll Free: +61755278955

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