Hanging-Baskets- cool green looks without losing floor-space...

Hanging-Baskets- cool green looks without losing floor-space...

Refurbishment of Tavern required a modern green feel but floor-space was tight. The Architects suggested hanging-baskets to certain specifications & asked us to source.

We were able to supply images & costings to their satisfaction, these were then put together & installed by us.

Hanging-baskets are a great way to add greenery to a room without losing floor-space.

Also using artificials has the advantages of-

  • low maintenance, no need to water, fertilize, prune, replace
  • no dripping water, smells & falling leaves to contend with
  • artificials hold their shape & size, they don't over-grow or go brown on one side
  • have a greater choice of foliages, allowing them to match colours in surrounding decor, attract attention, theme etc

Also used in entrances & gaming rooms are taller artificial plants in planters, such as Heliconia & Rhapis palms

In main Gaming Room, a 'lucky fountain' looked lost on its own so planters with tall bold-leaf & lower tropical foliage plants were placed to sides & behind. This turned the area into a real feature in a sea of gaming machines.

The end result is Tavern Entrance with class & welcome, backed up by quality artificial plants leading to & complimenting Gaming Rooms inside...

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