Very latest artificial greenery ideas used to lift Shopping Cnt Dining Precinct...

Dining precinct at suburban shopping centre was lacking warmth, bare stark lines on all sides were not very customer-friendly. Centre Management asked Interior Gardens to suggest & cost a solution using low-maintenance artificial plants

-we suggested a combination of our 'Green-Curtains'* on bare bulkheads along one side & both ends, as well as matching hanging-baskets from ceiling

-both these have an advantage of adding immediate, natural-looking greenery without losing valuable floor space

-we used a variety of mixed foliages, including our latest trailing plants: Monsteras, Marantas & Calatheas

-by varying the lengths of plants along bulkheads & around corners, a very natural flow is achieved

-hanging-baskets finish off the softening, green-look

The end result is quite successful, hard lines & flat surfaces have been transformed by flowing greenery into a much friendlier & inviting Dining Space...

* 'Green-Curtains' are a lush mix of greenery, pre-secured into a strip of hi-density foam or timber which can then be secured to most vertical/horizontal surfaces.

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