Breezy 'green-curtain' for popular Cafe...

Breezy 'green-curtain' for popular Cafe...

Popular waterside cafe wanted to add some greenery but were unsure of best way to go. They had an airy establishment with a lovely breeze & wanted greenery to sway invitingly. Also they didn't want any maintenance problems, it is busy enough in a popular cafe! They asked Interior Gardens for ideas.

-we suggested one of our 'green-curtains' to hang internally in a line just above window/door height.

-These green-curtains are a lush mix of greenery, pre-secured into a strip of hi-density foam or timber which can then be secured to most vertical/horizontal surfaces.

-the green-curtain can also be used to hide ugly/bland walls & bulk heads. Here support beams & rollers for drop-down screens are effectively covered by trailing greens

-Greenery was selected to both suit decor & hang/sway lightly in breezes. We also use a mix of sizes to add a natural variety.

-to complement all this greenery, large lush hanging-baskets were hung from ceilings by chains at staggered heights

The end result is a softer, cosier dining space, where external live plantings are brought inside by gentle swaying green-curtains & hanging-baskets, being enjoyed by a continually packed patronage (:

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