Mossy plant-wall gives softening 'green-touch' to modern restaurant/bar...

Mossy plant-wall gives softening 'green-touch' to modern restaurant/bar...


Client with a new inner-city Restaurant/Bar was concerned internal decor was a bit stark. They wanted to soften-up interior with greenery, but how to do with style? They asked their Architect & She sourced some cool images of a live mossy-wall in NY. "Can you guys make something like this & install?", her email to us read..."Yes, no probs!" we replied.

-using a combination of undulating mossy-panels with assorted greenery winding through, the composition stretches seamlessly across a once bare section from floor to ceiling

-greenery used is a nice mix of foliage size, shape, colour & texture, all flowing together in natural effect

-the end result is a bar that looks fresh & contemporary, with new Mossy plant-wall playing its part, by both softening  & providing an attractive feature wall...

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