Moss/Green-Wall fusion is the latest direction...

Moss/Green-Wall fusion is the latest direction...

Client was fitting out her new upmarket inner-city, water-side venue & everything had to be perfect! Problem was this ugly dividing structure in middle of room, it was so bad it had curtains around to hide! The client wanted a solution, seeking the latest international greenery looks, they came to us with a concept...

-we were able to work with the Client to come up with sketch designs & costings, & once approved, to make & install

-using rich, textured moss-mat wrapped around corners as a base, then adding flowing lush mixed greenery to give design fusion between two

-we also added some finer points, such as masses of roots hanging down from protruding Ficus plants & tumbling swathes of Money-Plants, adding variety & interest

jones moss walls before jones moss walls after

-the end result is both dramatic yet natural, with sweeping lines of mixed greenery, softened by moss backdrop, suiting eclectic decor of the venue... 

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