Greenery is 'star player' in fabulous new Football Club refurb...

Greenery is 'star player' in fabulous new Football Club refurb...


A large Football club was undergoing a fabulous refurb, starting with Entrance, Cafe, Dining & Gaming rooms. The Architects had designed an impressive area with flowing timber garden beds & perched planters on columns, it just needed the right greenery to finish off.

-Interior gardens were brought in to consult with Architects, Management & Builders on both best types of planting & installation methods to achieve a seamless flow throughout Club.

-beautiful timber-work, stunning lighting & lovely flowing lines of planters required a mix of modern plants, lush in some areas with lighter planting in others for contrast & natural-looks.

-greenery was also used:-

  • above serveries
  • around Bar shelving
  • as dividers in cafes
  • as privacy screens around seating areas
  • in high-up planters around columns to visually continue green-theme above
  • as ornamental planters to fill areas & help social distance in others

The end result is a winning team of beautifully designed & installed decor, with greenery scoring the final points for this championship Club refurb...


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