Raised Planter & Green-Wall in Club Foyer

Raised Planter & Green-Wall in Club Foyer

Large Football Club was revamping their Foyer & wanted a natural green feature planter suspended from ceiling.

Due to obvious limitations of 'live' plants [weight, maintenance, water-damage etc], artificials come into their own. Set into light-weight planters & positioned to flow over both internal & external edges of large 'donut'shaped planter.

The result is a stunning, natural-looking feature with the advantages of low maintenance & light-weight...

Also in this area, architect wanted a series of natural greenery in modern bowls. We used a combo of green Anthurium plants, contrasted by variagated Zebra plants in round white 'organic' bowl...

Also in area immediately behind, a large artificial green-wall 9m across as both a feature & an attractive back-drop for event displays etc...

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