'Tropical Resort-Feel' Planters replace boring hired "shrubbery"

'Tropical Resort-Feel' Planters replace boring hired "shrubbery"

Modern Holiday Appartments wanted to replace their existing boring hired "shrubbery" with something with a bit more colour & flair. They asked us for ideas...

They were not happy with their hire plants. Apart from on-going rental costs, they did little to enhance the decor, just boring greenery in plastic pots. They wanted some plants with colour & impact, "welcome to our tropical resort" feel...

We went for a theme of tropical palms, enhanced by bright orange giant Heliconias & rich aubergine Orchids to match decor. To this we added specially stained black bamboo-poles set into modern lite-planters & finished with bonded pebbles...

The result was a consistant theme througout foyer areas, using different sized matching planters & stained timber. It was bright, tropical & welcoming, just what people arriving for a fun holiday expect!

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