Table-Planters in Mall Eatery...

Table-Planters in Mall Eatery...

Large suburban shopping mall was being upgraded with table-top planters to give customers eating a bit of privacy. Using both long 'row' planters & larger triangular planters, they wanted an easy, low-maintenance solution to fill them

-they asked us to provide options & costings

-due to narrowness of long 'strip' planters, we suggested assorted Succulents to match scale. On bigger triangle planters we suggested lush large-foliage_x005F Calatheas & Heliconias.

-all planters secured & sealed with bonded pebbles, both for strength, security & easy cleaning. Because they are in a public space, also easy to replace if damaged or stolen

-the end result is a tidy & funky eatery, with an assortment of low Succulents adding interest & in scale with setting. The larger_x005F planters provide a nice infusion of greenery, looking lush & natural. Happy Customers, happy Tenants, happy Owner...pat on back for Management


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