Planting artificial plants straight into the garden outdoors!!!

Planting artificial plants straight into the garden outdoors!!!

Client was a large Sporting Club that wanted low-maintenance plants around its balconies.

-the Manager had been trying for years to keep live plants going in poorly drained external garden

-exasperated, she turned to us, did we have anything that is?-

  • sun-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • able to be planted straight into soil
  • tough enough to handle wear n tear of public space
  • _x005F
  • looks realistic with fresh greens


-we suggested our new Alexander & Cane Palms with Jade Plants at base, all UV-treated

-on first balcony, we trialed just a row of Alexander palms + Jades, this was so well received, they ordered the other side done as well


-then they ordered plants for another outdoor balcony, mixing the Alexanders with taller Cane Palms

-the end result, lovely looking palms finish off their balconies, providing a pleasant visual barrier, all with little to no upkeep costs. This made Club Committee very happy, with a big "well done" being passed on to the Manager with the clever ideas!!







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