New Tavern uses artificial greenery- lots!

New Tavern uses artificial greenery- lots!

New tavern wanted lots of greenery, choosing low-maintenance artificials for high maintenance areas

-they had several areas in mind & asked us to make suggestions & supply costings to supply/install

-our exclusive greenery garlands of Philo & Pothos were the perfect solution for pergola-type structures. Their unique wiring system allows them to be wound around beams/poles etc, then bent into shape afterwards so all foliage is facing correct way. This gives the finished product a far more natural, 3-D appearance than older artificial plant technolgies still being used by our competitors

-also required were plants for an overhead planter above a bar. We used an interesting mix of assorted tropical foliages to achieve a natural lush effect

-end result was a cohesive planting plan, stretching across several eating/bar areas, providing a unified green accent with little to no on-going costs


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