New Shopping Precinct's effective use of overhead Greenery...

The Architects of a new suburban Shopping Precinct wanted to use greenery to soften 'industrial' construction methods. Using extensive overhead greenery has many advantages, visually it creates immediate impact, plants are away from public 'wear n tear' & no valuable floor-space is lost.

Maintenance issues are easily solved by using lifelike quality artificial plants...

-planters run along bulkheads using an assortment of contrasting foliages with different heights & drops. This gives a soft & flowing natural effect...

-custom designed hanging planter-boxes are attached to central ceiling beams & feature lush flowing assorted greenery

-elsewhere assorted greenery is used in seating planters

-& in smaller hanging planters in kiosk areas

The end result is a vibrant & relaxed shopping area, where the green-theme gives a fresh, new feel, creating an inviting atmosphere for many  new shoppers...

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