New extensions at large Club feature lush greenery...

New extensions at large Club feature lush greenery...

Large Football Club was undergoing expansions of Gaming & Dining facilities. Their Architect wanted the latest lush greenery looks & the Club didn't want any ongoing maintenance costs. Interior Gardens was called in to interface on the design as well as cost supply & install options of the latest real-touch artificial plants.

lion long plntr  before lion long plntr  after

  • on long wall planter- 2.4m Traveller's [heliconia] Palms, Monsteras & lush mixed greenery
  • on planters in room dividers- greenery softens & adds privacy between sections of Club
  • on long barrier planters- separating & giving privacy to Gaming from other areas
  • various planters at Entrances & ATM machine banks
  • trough planters positioned at ends of gaming machine rows & between machines to give privacy & assist with social distancing
  • Green-Walls soften tall privacy barriers, also helping to continue 'green theme'
  • ornamental trees in smart planters with bonded pebbles are spread around gaming & Dining areas

The end result is a wonderful new extension for this very successful Club, great decor combines with lush greenery to create a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere, appreciated by throngs of new patrons....

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