Before & After Section....... high Planters

Before & After Section....... high Planters

Slide bar on photos below back & forth to see before & after effects...

mermaid tav roof plntr2 before mermaid tav roof plntr2 after

we used all the latest UV-rated plants to achieve a lush, beautiful flowing garden...

mermaid tav bar plntr before mermaid tav bar plntr after

  • here we used natural combination of plants in varying heights & drops over planter ledge.
  • The aim was to create a natural contrast using height & fall variations, empty spaces & contrasting foliages

pimp_bar_ohead_plntr before pimp_bar_ohead_plntr after

Lush ferns & assorted greenery cascade from above bar

parrot bar before parrot bar after

What a difference some greenery bowls make!

coro-hotel before coro-hotel after

Greenery softens & gives nice contrast against white backdrop...

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