Modern Office...trending green

Modern Office...trending green

Clients were a large Commercial Real Estate Agency wanting to get the right look for their new inner-city Head Office. They had a fantastic Industrial boho style laid out but needed a splash of greenery. They asked Interior Gardens for ideas & costings...

-because ceilings were so stark, all exposed pipes & ducts, we started there, with lush hanging-baskets flowing thru offices, adding a lovely green undercurrent...

-a level-change had an existing screen with a few dying trees & vines, we replaced with an open cover of climbing vines & 'healthy-looking' artificial trees in pots. This added a soft green flavour to office, also giving privacy where required...

-a bare wall behind Reception had low planters with palms shaped to grow around a large wall-clock

-more low troughs were used to disguise an ugly corner

The end result is a smart modern office that impresses Clients but also provides Staff with a relaxed casual feel. Modern Industrial Boho & trending green...

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