Large Palm Planters, perfect for Shopping Malls...

Large Palm Planters, perfect for Shopping Malls...

Managers at a Shopping mall had a problem with large floor plants dying. Expensive to buy & expensive [& messy] to bury & replace

-they were under pressure from Landlord to "fix the problem", so they asked the google for help

-well when it comes to artificial plants- google asks us! lol, we were able to advise them of options including keeping their existing planters

-we installed a false floor into planters allowing plants to be both secured & raised up making finished combination much taller. Also without adding too much weight, making moving for cleaning, events etc no probs

-into false-floor we installed 2.4m Fan Palms with giant foliage, matched by lower bushy mass of large-leaf Monsterios

-the end result was big, bold planters throughout Mall, giving a modern, natural look & adding big splashes of green where it was needed.

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