Large feature Green-Wall in apartment entry courtyard...

Large feature Green-Wall in apartment entry courtyard...

Client was building a very modern upmarket, water-side appartment tower & wanted an entry feature. Initially thinking of a 'live' wall, they were dismayed by both initial & ongoing costs. They asked us to quote same in artificials- & they were stunned! Our cost for an artificial green-wall to same scale was only 10% the cost of setting up for live green-wall


-the Architect was also specific on design of wall, we were able to submit sketches & photos for approval

-the design features bands on contrasting foliages flowing across wall


-plant foliages contrast in colour, shape, size & 3-D protrusion

-another problem to overcome was sun-exposure on wall-return. We used our UV-treated plants here, slowly blending them back into more vibrant foliages on main wall where sun does not reach


-the end result is appartments with a vibrant, fresh first impression via an entry courtyard that features a flowing green-wall that creates movement & interest...




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