How to easily add artificial greenery to shelves...

How to easily add artificial greenery to shelves...

Restaurant wanted to introduce greenery to shelving in new kitchen/eating areas but problem was how?

-pots of live plants posed maintenance problems with dripping water, falling leaves & getting up on a ladder to water them all the time!


-they asked us for an easier solution using artificial plants

-by using polystyrene inserts, painted black to match shelves we were able to easily attach mixed greenery

-we used a combination of small ferns, ivy & assorted greenery to give a natural, light covering of plants to front of wall-shelves & all around_x005F on larger free-hanging shelf

-greenery could be left dangling in some areas or trimmed so as not to block TV in others

-end result was a simple [& inexpensive] way to add greenery that could be adapted to suit so many locations...





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