Hanging Fern Baskets in cool Cafe

Hanging Fern Baskets in cool Cafe

Yes at first glance they fooled me!

-recently whist doing an install in a shopping centre, I went for a wander to get a drink when I caught a glimpse of great-looking greenery in a cafe. Going in for a look, I assumed they were real because it was stunning!. Imagine my surprise when i saw that not only were they artificial, they were all our plants!!!

-often our Clients buy our products & install them into their own projects. I knew this was not a project we did so my first thought was "oh don't those real ferns look great!"

-Anyway it was very pleasing to see that our Client had done such a great & tasteful job, well done!

-we recommend ferns & assorted ferns for hanging-baskets, this is because they look good from all directions [including being view from below], this is not always the case with some artificials...


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