Hanging-Baskets with lights brighten up marina restaurant...

Hanging-Baskets with lights brighten up marina restaurant...

Clients with an upmarket bar & restaurant were wanting to add greenery.

They had a large open roof canopy that was a bit empty looking & wanted to hang live greenery with spot-lights but were worried about maintenance at such a height.

Also there was the problem of mixing water & electricity in a public space...don't even go there!!!


The suggestion was made to use artificial plants in hanging-baskets, then taken a step further to include lights in the baskets & cascading down the greenery.

Hanging-Baskets were grouped in clusters of different sizes & heights [using chains] giving a cool random effect.

The greenery looked great during daytime, softening big empty areas, but at night-time the effect is spectacular.


Using 24v fairy-lights attached to basket & dangling greenery vines, they drip colour & light

Clients were so happy with the look of baskets that they added more in a run against wall along entry balcony

The end result was a double-win with soft, low-maintenance green baskets during the day & spectacular light show at night


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