Greenery enhances Restaurant theme...

Greenery enhances Restaurant theme...

Client was re-branding existing restaurant in hotel foyer, they wanted an 'oriental' theme, but with minimal structural changes/costs.

Greenery is a quick & simple way of adding essence to decor & we made some suggestions that would instantly add oriental-flavour.

-bamboo trough planters on castors, they immediately enforce theme but also are very functional, easily moved around to create privacy spaces/function areas, guide foot traffic & hide stuff! (;

-tall divider screens with low bamboos break-up open floor spaces & continue theme

-lush Orchid Bowls in assorted sizes

-Buddha Planters with assorted flowers to suit surrounds

-Bonsai Bowls in dark red pots to match decor

-Cherry Blossoms trail from existing oriental umbrellas on ceiling features

The end result is a colourful & exotic dining venue, a few decor additions combined with themed greenery has transformed this space quickly into an oriental-themed success...

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