Artificial Green Walls turn concrete canyon into a porte cochere

Our Client was the Developer of hi-end appartment building in CBD. The vehicle entrance was proving a design problem, lots of hard concrete & echoing noise.

-they requested that we come up with ideas to soften area, using artificial plants on walls

-they wanted a very 'green-feel' with no colour or much variagation

-we presented several option samples & the "mixed-fern" design was chosen

-this was then used to cover walls surrounding a large 18m wide screen up to 6.7m high. Also for continuity, the same wall-design was used on adjacent walls & 'dead' areas

-apart from softening the looks of this vital '1st impression' arrival point, the walls cut noise echo splendidly as well

-construction of green-walls in this tight space was also difficult, having to reach high areas, some on a sloped driveway required use of a large scissor-lift, for which we have the expertise & qualifications to do in-house

-the end result [with the help of some exquisite touches by the architects- watch the VDO below!] was to turn an ugly concrete canyon into a 5-star porte cochere


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