Artificial Green Walls in Shopping Mall

Artificial Green Walls in Shopping Mall

This is a recent project we installed in a shopping mall. The architect's brief was for live plants down lower, with artificials higher up where maintenance would be a problem.  

We used masses of contrasting greenery with different textures and colours to achieve both a natural and aesthetically pleasing look.  

The live plants went in first and as we were installing our artificials, so many people were coming past and saying things like "wow, yours look so much better than the real ones".  

Well, after only a few weeks installed the live plants were starting to die off and getting a little bit patchy in places.  The contrast with the lush full coverage of the artificials is there to see.

The artificials cost ten percent (10%) YES, one tenth the cost per metre squared of the live plants.

Please view pictures & video to compare the two...



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