Green-Style finishes off stunning Club extension...

Green-Style finishes off stunning Club extension...

A large Club was undergoing large extensions & wanted lots of greenery to create a modern, comfortable ambience. Having lots of experience with many Clubs, Management knew that artificial plants were the way to go. Using the Architect's spec, they consulted with Interior Gardens to suggest, cost & install lush plants & gardens throughout. Existing greenery in Entrance & Gaming Rooms, now continues through into new Dining Areas & even the Children's Playground!

Greenery was installed:-

Along several long planters situated in Dining Areas, here we used tall Heliconia palms [like a traveller's palm] with lush assorted greenery lower. The Heliconia's give a strong bold shape & we used taller palms in large planters & smaller palms to scale in shorter planters.

Combinations of assorted planters grouped together in two's & three's are spread around the various spaces, filling corners & 'dead' spots as well as continuing greenery theme.

Climbing Pothos Vines snake up metal wall frames randomly & 3-dimensionally, creating an attractive feature.

Trailing Greenery-Bowls soften shelves & walls around serveries & eateries.

Trailing assorted Greenery dangles from ceiling in Children's playground area, creating a 'jungle-theme'

The end result is an impressive new Dining & Entertainment area where greenery sweeps through spaces, along planters, into corners, over walls & shelves & finally across a ceiling. An experienced team of Management, Architect & Supplier have combined again to create an imaginative & exciting venue where Patrons feel comfortable & relaxed, often!

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