Green-makeover for Regional mall...

Green-makeover for Regional mall...

Regional Shopping Mall was undergoing renovation & Architects wanted to achieve a modern 'green-feel' but with a slight country flavour. This was done by adding some autumn tonings into greenery mix...

Wanting to feature greenery throughout- plants were specified in...

  • pergolas- greenery added using painted polystyrene fixed to top*
  • overhead 'C' beams- greenery added again fixing light-weight-polystyrene to top to support plants*
  • bulkhead ledges- greenery flowing along & over edges*
  • hanging-baskets on chains from ceilings add continuity throughout centre
  • seat-planters, bins & support posts- all continued green-theme with taller plants & vines

*by incorporating painted polystyrene into our designs, we are able to achieve lush greenery planters at 5% the weight of live plants. This enables us to utilise existing structures eg: 'C' beams for support, massively reducing install & ongoing costs

End result is a shopping-mall transformed, with greenery softening edges & creating continuity, into a modern-feel experience, with a slice of country...


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