Green balcony privacy screen with UV-treated palms

Green balcony privacy screen with UV-treated palms

Client in trendy inner-city appartment was about to lose their privacy with a new building going up next door.

-they wanted a low-maintenance solution that would be able to handle an exposed balcony

-body corps do not allow fixed screens but cannot say no to plants in pots

-we used lite-weight trough planters [81cm long] with our new UV-treated cane Palms, finished with bonded pebbles for weight & strength

-using two 1.75m Palms per planter, finished height was 1.95m, 3 troughs gave nearly 4m of coverage [as palms overhang ends of planters]

-these palms come in different sizes & can be used singularly, in groups, or combined with other plants in a garden

-clients now have no-bother privacy without losing their view


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