From Domestic eyesore to stunning Greenery Feature- easy

From Domestic eyesore to stunning Greenery Feature- easy



Client had a problem with a 'perched' planter in the entrance to their lovely home. Caring for 'live' [soon 'dead'] plants was just too much trouble.

Plants were hard to reach to water, prune & remove dead leaves, causing spills, leaks, smells & sore backs, all for plants that looked very ordinary, half-dead & a cockroach heaven!

-they asked Interior gardens for some ideas, we suggested artificial plants set into a raised false floor, custom made to fit their triangular planter. This keeps plants tidy & firmly in position

-we were able to supply & install a lush mix of greenery, using taller palms, medium Monsterios & trailing Pothos Vines. This gave an interesting variation in foliage shapes & tones that fitted together into a seamless green combination.

-now instead of an ugly maintenance headache, there is a striking green-feature, all with little to no maintenance!

The end result is that visitors now have a 'green-greeting' on arrival instead of a sad void, in fact the whole area has been lifted by Owner's smart choice of quality artificial plants


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