Flowing Green-Wall design for Gaming Rooms...

Flowing Green-Wall design for Gaming Rooms...

Large Sporting Club with a very successful Gaming Area full of machines. But as the area expanded it had created a problem, becoming an unpleasant cacophony of bright neon & noise, bouncing off & starkly contrasting with the bare walls & corners behind.

-the Gaming Rooms needed softening without losing valuable floor-space. Interior Gardens was asked for ideas, solutions & costings

-we suggested Green-Walls, both to absorb sound & soften looks, & also without taking up any extra room

-our design concept was to negate the existing square shapes of rooms & rows of machines by introducing some bold flowing lines

-by custom designing our green-walls in curved rather than angular shapes, the greenery was free to flow into voids & around machines, corners & doorways

-also we used natural, contrasting swathes of foliage to add interest & help design to flow

The end result is a much more interesting & comfortable space for Patrons. While Gaming Machines are still the main focal point, they now sit in a dramatic background of bold, flowing green lines that also soften & integrate the different Gaming Areas...

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