Finishing 'green-touches' to well-designed inner city bar...

Finishing 'green-touches' to well-designed inner city bar...

A very professional team of designers were determined to achieve a very particular look on this project. Aware of the importance of greenery in finished result, they required extra input from dedicated suppliers- so they chose us

-this was achieved by careful consultation between Designers & our team. They provided us with colour samples & we suggested greenery pairings to match

-foliages of plants were chosen to look natural but also pick up colours in decor eg burgundy in peacock plants in planter & orange/yellows of crotons on green-wall.

-because of the volume of artificial plants [ceilings, walls & planters], they became an integral part of design process rather than an afterthought

-even small details, like the timber frame on green-wall matching surrounding timber walls were thought very carefully about

-the end result is a beautifully coordinated decor with artificial plants providing a cost-effective, low-maintenance, perfect finishing 'green-touch' to a bar with a cool, polished vibe...





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