Finishing green touches for Sanctuary Cove re-furb...

Finishing green touches for Sanctuary Cove re-furb...

Interior Decorator was doing a total refurb on a harbourside villa at Sanctuary cove. She wanted to compliment her bold modern designs with bold modern greenery. Live plants were just too hard, how to achieve her design criteria & not wanting to use off-the-shelf artificials?

-we came out to site, discussed objectives & presented some options for artificial plants that would be tailor-made to do the job. Trees could not only be made in her planters, but added-to & shaped [cut n paste we call it lol] to fit both planters & space.

-Fiddle-Leaf Ficus were extended, extra branches added to fan out from corners, Mini-Umbrellas were shortened, bushied-up & tweaked. Ferns were paired, shaped & moulded to fit shapes & planters & a green-wall was made to appear as if it grew straight thru a window!

-end result was exactly what was needed, a fusion of bold designs with greenery providing a finishing, low-maintenance touch

-Designer's Client was very happy, smiles all round


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