Ficus 'evergreen', a brighter alternative to boxwood hedging

Ficus 'evergreen', a brighter alternative to boxwood hedging

Large club wanted us to green up its outdoor eating area without losing floor space?

-we suggested low maintenance artificial plants on walls & ceiling then!

-they didn't want dark green of boxwood, looking for something a bit brighter & more tropical on bare wall against main clubhouse

-we used artificial Ficus 'evergreen' panels attached to walls, even flowing neatly around their big screen TV

-also in this eatery we hung a long row of artificial plants in hanging-baskets with Ferns & trailing Pothos & Philo Bushes

-end result was a low-maintenance greening of entire eatery, with brighter Ficus 'evergreen' hedging on walls, complimenting tropical hanging-baskets


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