Extreme make-over of inner-city heritage Venue requires 'green-edges'!

Extreme make-over of inner-city heritage Venue requires 'green-edges'!

Client had just purchased inner-city 'grunge venue' & wanted to totally transform to a chic bar & eatery. Being a heritage building added to challenge, surfaces could be enhanced but not torn out.

The alfresco courtyard at rear posed a problem, with a montage of walls in different materials [brick, timber, aluminium, ballustrades etc], the architect wanted a clean, green feel, they asked us was it possible?

-we suggested an artificial green-wall stretching across & firmly attached to this miss-mash wall. We were able to assist with design & install a green-wall in a clean sweep of lush greenery that completely covered what was underneath.

-on the other side of courtyard, graffiti brick walls were turned into green-arches with neon signs attached

-likewise inside, tall pressed-tin ceilings & old heritage brick walls needed some softening, we did this using large informal hanging-baskets & lush plants. This also made ceiling appear lower, making for a cosier feel, while the informal 'shaggy' greenery fitted in with surrounding heritage decor.

-end result is a venue transformed, heritage-feel with comfy chic furniture, contemporary lush-green atmosphere & full of patrons...

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