Existing Planters revamped in apartment foyer

Existing Planters revamped in apartment foyer

Clients foyer had several large empty planters that they wanted enhanced with "stunning" low-maintenance artificial plants, tropical-feel with a bit of bright colour.

We used a theme of tall stained bamboo-poles for height, strength & continuity. In two existing large round urns in foyer, we added Yuccas, Ferns & Succulents with tropical Flowers for a splash of colour.

In a large empty space by a sunny window, we used bamboo-poles with a multiple-'clump' of sun-tolerant Cane Palms with the addition of Tropical Flowers, Grasses, Ferns & Succulents into a classical raised urn...

The result was spectacular, palm fronds catching the sunlight, colour intertwined in centre, spikey skirt of grasses & Ferns & a hint of colour from red Succulents...A feature planter with real "WOW" factor.

All planters in foyer now had their own style but with a unified theme around bamboo-poles & tropical florals. This theme was extended to a mirror pair of tropical florals by entrance.


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