'EASY' ways to add Greenery to an existing Venue...

'EASY' ways to add Greenery to an existing Venue...

This project illustrates some easy, simple & inexpensive ways to add Greenery to invigorate & modernise an existing Venue

-existing Tavern while well-finished, was looking a little dated with lots of hard surfaces & straight lines. Client didn't want to go to any great expense or structural alterations, so they asked us what was the best value way to add greenery. We proposed several solutions, they chose one & we got straight to work

  • GREEN 'CURTAIN' -four adjoining long walls with lovely timber panelling were a bit stark & dated. We used a simple method of applying hi-density polystyrene to wall, to which trailing greenery was attached in an irregular natural feel that cut around corners, signage etc. This system makes it easy to clean; revamp in future or remove anytime without structural damage
  • HANGING BASKETS -existing outdoor under-cover area looked bare, hot & uninviting. We used extra-large hanging-baskets on chains wrapped around existing beams. This really transformed the space with greenery making ceiling feel lower & cooler which made for a more relaxed, social area
  • LUSH TALLER PLANTS -existing planters with unattractive 'live' [half-dead!] plants were invigorated by replacing with lush artificial palms & greenery. These not only look better, but maintain size, shape, colour with little maintenance
The end result is an easy transformation, by adding greenery simply & effectively, Tavern has achieved a modern makeover, making for a more pleasant atmosphere full of Patrons...




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