Deck Planters in Office Tower

Deck Planters in Office Tower

Client wanted to utilise a quiet 3rd floor space in multi-storey CBD office complex. Cedar decking, planters & seating were installed. but lack of light & maintenance headaches turned 'live' plants into 'dead' plants quickly! They wanted a solution that would provide both privacy & screen ugly surrounding walls..

We used rows of Dracaena Trees at different heights, set into false floors in planters & covered with cream/gold pebbles... Dracaenas are ideal to screen rather than block light. Their twisted stems add interest & variety, interlocking from one plant to the next just_x005F like they grew there....These plants require minimal maintainence, & will keep their shape & appearance for many years. They can be easily dusted or washed clean...

.The client was so happy with the result, they built another deck on the other side & asked us to come up with a different concept, something a bit more formal to suit new function. 


We used a mixture of Conifer trees in Spiral & Pyramid shapes to create a feature garden, as well as rows of shorter Conifers in long straight planters. The result was a delightful little area with a totally different feel from deck on other side.

To hide an ugly  walkway in same property, we used a row of Boxwood Topiary in tapered square light-planters..._x005F

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