Colour & Greenery brighten-up penthouse balcony

Colour & Greenery brighten-up penthouse balcony

Client had 4 x large planters [1.2m square] & 5 x large bowls 70cm diam. They had real plants that were always dying as thet travel extensively

-they wanted a low maintenance solution but were unsure as to what would suit their beautiful penthouse balcony, they came to our large showroom to consider options

-well they wanted some colour & were blown away by the beauty & realism of our plants! They selected there favourites & requested we design something up

-they also wanted some privacy from large planters

-we designed up a 3-tiered mini-garden in each, with taller sun-resistant Orchid trees in back, shading the blue & white Agapanthus plants in middle, finished off with cascading Jasmine plants in front & sides

-in the large bowls we set more Agapanthus & also mixed Orchids. These were set complete with greenery, bonded pebbles, moss & trailing roots to look like live growing plants

-the result was truly stunning, please take a look at photos & video below to appreciate



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