Bottle-Shops have a new 'green-flavour'!

Bottle-Shops have a new 'green-flavour'!

Savvy Hoteliers know that going to their local bottle-shop should be a pleasant experience, allowing Patrons time to browse & choose in a congenial atmosphere.

-& what better way to instantly add calm n charm than greenery?

-Interior Gardens have recently been asked to 'green-up' some modern bottle-shops

-this can be a difficult task with bottles, racks, signage, switches, cameras etc all jostling for limited space alongside Patrons & Staff. Greenery has to be carefully selected & cunningly fitted to ensure, safety, practicality & visual appeal.

-this is where the 30+ years of our experience show, choosing & fitting various shapes of greenery discretely & properly to a variety of surfaces & voids.

-in open spaces lovely varieties of contrasting foliages cascade & intertwine naturally & in tighter areas creeping vines wind over ceilings & walls, around cameras & signage to give a lovely natural feel.

The end result is a bottle-shop that feels more comfortable, inviting patrons to come in, shop & buy...

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