Bella's new private Green-Room...

Bella's new private Green-Room...

Bella had a problem. While her townhouse had a wonderful entertainment area it was not very private, exposed to neighbours on all sides! Finding herself at home more these days, she wanted to create a private, cosy space to both relax & also unwind with friends. Being a busy person she did not want a maintenance hassle & contacted Interior Gardens for ideas & costings.

-we suggested a combination of artificial green-walls to run along vertical palisades on either side, with hanging-baskets in central void

-wanting to filter vision in, without losing too much vision out or natural light, we came up with optimum positioning of walls & baskets. Walls wrap around at a central height to allow light & breezes above & below, with baskets giving just the right level of cover without losing views

-we used a combination of UV-treated plants on edges & baskets where sun hits & added greater variety in shaded areas

-the end result is that Bella now has the space she wanted, her own private 'green-room', "life at home just got that much better"

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