Back-lights add 'cool mood' to tall green-wall in lobby...

Back-lights add 'cool mood' to tall green-wall in lobby...


Clients wanted a large feature green-wall in lobby of their brand-new home.

They investigated pros n cons of live v artificial green-wall, & soon realised-

artificial was much cheaper to set up because-

  • would not require water-proofing & extra strengthening of wall
  • would not require setting up of irrigation & drainage plumbing
  • would need next to no on-going maintenance
  • no falling leaves to clean up or stale water/insect problems
  • also it was a lot easier to install back-lights without electricity/water problems

-by custom designing/manufacturing our base plate with a small recess along its perimeter, we were able to easily install 12v strip-lighting

-this gave a wonderful mood-lighting 'halo' effect around wall at night

-the end result is a stunning entry statement, with lush greens swirling up the wall by day & cool mood-lighting by night...





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