Adding Greenery to Tavern in 3 easy steps...

Adding Greenery to Tavern in 3 easy steps...

Clients with an existing water-front tavern, felt they needed to 'add greenery' to internal decor. We were asked for suggestions & came up with 3 simple ideas for 3 different areas.

-1 Balcony

  • adding vines & creepers to existing screens
  • quick install, no extra time or cost, lush greenery attached securely
  • all greenery up & out of way, easy maintenance with a dust-blower or hose
-2 Bar
  • adding wall-baskets, lush greenery to tie in with adjoining balcony
  • another quick install with no floor space lost
  • from plain wall to feature, again very easy maintenance
-3 Gaming Room
  • existing bare wall at top of stairs leading to Gaming Room, plain & uninviting
  • add an artificial green-wall, custom-made off-site for quick install
  • pleasant bit of greenery 'invites' Patrons to come on up
  • again no floor space lost or on-going maintenance costs
End result is an instant transformation, Tavern has 'grown' a green thumb overnight, resulting in a more relaxed & pleasant experience for patrons








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