Living Walls- deluxe UV 120 x 120cm

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Looking for a unique way to add some life to your office or home?

Our deluxe UV-treated Green-Walls are perfect for full-sun/part-sun locations. They’re made with the latest UV-treated foliages and come in a variety of sizes and designs.

With our Green-Walls, you can mix different textures, shapes, and colors of plants to create an eye-catching 3D display. They’re also light weight and easy to hang, so you can have them up in no time.

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Living Walls are the perfect way to add life and colour to any room. Our Deluxe range is made with a greater variety for a more realistic and stylish display.

Articial Plants - Living Walls- deluxe UV 120 x 120cm
Living Walls- deluxe UV 120 x 120cm - artificial plants, flowers & trees - image 1

our deluxe UV-treated Green-Walls are made using the latest UV-treated foliages, suitable for full-sun/part-sun locations

Green-Walls are constructed on a 50mm backplate which allows us to custom add larger foliages & create more realistic 3-D designs.

This is not possible with plain 'made-in-china' green-panels, that are good for creating a thin 'hedge' effect, but their designs are monotonous.

-by mixing different textures, shapes & colours of plants, our deluxe walls give much greater realism & design scope

-they combine greens, variagated & coloured foliage plants & ferns in an eye-catching 3-D display

-light-weight...hang on a picture hook

-COMES ASSEMBLED & ready, not crumpled into box like other sites

Standard sizes available in 120 x 120cm; 150 x 120cm, 150 x 150cm; 180 x 150cm.

These can be ordered to hang in either portrait or landscpape orientation

-all other custom sizes, exact-dimensions, large-scale available, ask for a QUOTE anytime...

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