Tavern "green-over" with vertical-walls & hanging-baskets...

Tavern management wanted to add fashionable greenery that was low-maintenance & durable. They didn't want to lose any valuable floor space but were uncertain how to achieve this.

-the Manager asked us to come up with some suggestions & costings

-artificial green-walls were installed in 2 areas

-at entrance, giving a friendly green welcome to patrons &...

-in dining area, turning a bland wall around a giant TV into an attractive feature

-this green-wall not only 'grows' around wall-TV, but over doorways & around corners, filling with lush greenery to edges & ceiling

-this is extremely difficult [& expensive] to do with live plants, let alone problems presented with watering around electricals in a public space!!

-also we installed a line of artificial hanging-baskets along both balconies, giving cohesion & linking these areas

-end result was a greener, friendlier & busier Tavern...

Please view video below...


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